Vespa Verhuur Noordwijk

Vespa arrangementen

Flower vespa tour

Experience our flower region in its purest form. Tour through the beautifully colored flower fields and enjoy the beautiful Dutch landscape. Visit the Tulip experience and the Tulperij and get to know the rich history of flower bulb cultivation.
In the spring you can enjoy the beautiful spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. And in the summer of the summer bloomers such as the Dahlias, Gladiolus and Lilies.

Spring bloomers (Tulips Hyacinths etc.) tour can be booked including: visit to a Tulip museum, a walk through flower fields and the Tulip show garden, a drink and pick your own bunch of Tulips.

Summer – autumn flowering (Dahlia) tour can be booked, including: a Dahlia excursion, a walk through the flower fields and a drink.

Can be booked in the months of March, April, May for the spring flowering tour

Can be booked in the months of August and September for the summer - autumn flowering Dahlias tour

Picnic package '5 star'

You go out with one of our lifestyle Vespa scooters, which we provide with a richly filled "5-star picnic basket". Discover the beautiful surroundings of Noordwijk in style and enjoy our delicious picnic. Make a lunch stop, between the bulb fields on the Kagerlakes or in the dunes with a view over the sea. On departure you will receive a tour map from us, with 6 beautiful routes and the unique picnic areas.

This package guarantees a wonderful romantic day with your partner or a pleasant day with friends or family.

The picnic consists per person of:

Misc. luxury rolls (Waldkorn, Corn, White, Moon-sesame seed rolls and Croissants) provided by the real baker. Including an assortment of sandwich fillings of cheese, ham (chicken fillet when ham is not desired) and various types of sweet fillings. Furthermore, muffins, fresh fruit salad, fruit yoghurts, orange juice and a spa blue. You will receive all this from us in a luxurious picnic basket (including cutlery, plates, cups and a picnic blanket) on the back of your own Vespa.

Vespa tour and High Tea

Take a wonderful Vespa tour in style, through the bulb fields and along the Kagerplassen, with a delicious High Tea at Landgoed Tespelduyn along the way.

Our routes take you over the boulevards, through the bulb fields and along the Kagerlakes. In addition to all the beauty that can be seen during the tour, you will be offered a delicious High Tea along the way. The High Tea will be served at the beautiful Tespelduyn estate, which is characterized by an oasis of tranquility between the flower bulbs.

Enjoy a wonderful day in our beautiful region and be gastronomically surprised by one of our most beautiful estates. Cozy together with your partner, friends or family.

The High Tea consists of:

Unlimited enjoyment of various types of Lipton Trendy Tea (including Green Tea, Lemon, Forest Fruits,

Rooibos) & fresh mint tea with a rich presentation of savory and sweet delicacies from George Vis. For the kids sandwiches, mini snacks, cake, sweet treats & lemonade.

Vespa tour Flower region and Boating in Leiden

Discover our beautiful region on a Vespa and from the water on a beautiful boat. This package offers you the best of both worlds. You make a beautiful Vespa tour on one of our lifestyle Vespas through the flower fields, on the way you transfer to a beautiful sloop for a boat trip through the canals and canals of Leiden. This package guarantees a wonderful day of Vespa touring and sailing.

The boat trip in Leiden

Rondvaart Leiden offers you an unforgettable 1-hour city tour through one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands. You will sail through the beautiful canals of Leiden and past many sights. The skipper is also your guide.

April 1 to November 1

Departure times (departure time on the Vespa from Noordwijk at least 1.5 hours before departure)

12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m

13:00 to 14:00

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm