Vespa Verhuur Noordwijk

Bedrijfsuitjes & groepsfeesten

Flower vespa tour

Experience our flower region in its purest form. Tour through the beautifully colored flower fields and enjoy the beautiful Dutch landscape. Visit the Tulip experience and the Tulperij and get to know the rich history of flower bulb cultivation.

In the spring you can enjoy the beautiful spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. And in the summer of the summer bloomers such as the Dahlias, Gladiolus and Lilies.

Spring bloomers (Tulips Hyacinths etc.) tour can be booked including: visit to a Tulip museum, a walk through flower fields and the Tulip show garden, a drink and pick your own bunch of Tulips.

Summer – autumn flowering (Dahlia) tour can be booked, including: a Dahlia excursion, a walk through the flower fields and a drink.

Can be booked in the months of March, April, May for the spring flowering tour

Can be booked in the months of August and September for the summer - autumn flowering Dahlias tour

Vespa Break (short tour through the Flower region including a break whit drinks an snacks)

Taking a break?! On one of our original Vespa scooters, you will discover the beauty of the flower region. You make a tour of approximately 2 to 2.5 hours, along the Noordwijk boulevard through the beautiful dune area and back along the flower and bulb fields. Along the way there is a short break with a nice cup of tea, coffee, soda, beer or wine. A wonderful fresh air experience with a luxurious touch.

You can drive this tour together with your group, using one of our mapped out routes. With our route map in hand, you can easily make a beautiful Vespa tour through our beautiful region.
For a fully arranged and unburdened Vespa tour, we can arrange a professional tour guide for you, who will show you the most beautiful places in our bulb region.

Rate on request, request a quote via e-mail or contact us by telephone on 0031 (0)6 43 43 10 68

Picnic package '5 star'

You go out with one of our lifestyle Vespa scooters, which we provide with a richly filled "5-star picnic basket". Discover the beautiful surroundings of Noordwijk in style and enjoy our delicious picnic. Make a lunch stop, between the bulb fields on the Kagerlakes or in the dunes with a view over the sea. On departure you will receive a tour map from us, with 6 beautiful routes and the unique picnic areas.

This package guarantees a wonderful romantic day with your partner or a pleasant day with friends or family.

The picnic consists per person of:

Misc. luxury rolls (Waldkorn, Corn, White, Moon-sesame seed rolls and Croissants) provided by the real baker. Including an assortment of sandwich fillings of cheese, ham (chicken fillet when ham is not desired) and various types of sweet fillings. Furthermore, muffins, fresh fruit salad, fruit yoghurts, orange juice and a spa blue. You will receive all this from us in a luxurious picnic basket (including cutlery, plates, cups and a picnic blanket) on the back of your own Vespa.

Vespa tour and High Tea

Take a wonderful Vespa tour in style, through the bulb fields and along the Kagerplassen, with a delicious High Tea at Landgoed Tespelduyn along the way.

Our routes take you over the boulevards, through the bulb fields and along the Kagerlakes. In addition to all the beauty that can be seen during the tour, you will be offered a delicious High Tea along the way. The High Tea will be served at the beautiful Tespelduyn estate, which is characterized by an oasis of tranquility between the flower bulbs.

Enjoy a wonderful day in our beautiful region and be gastronomically surprised by one of our most beautiful estates. Cozy together with your partner, friends or family.

The High Tea consists of:
Unlimited enjoyment of various types of Lipton Trendy Tea (including Green Tea, Lemon, Forest Fruits,
Rooibos) & fresh mint tea with a rich presentation of savory and sweet delicacies from George Vis. For the kids sandwiches, mini snacks, cake, sweet treats & lemonade.

Soup of the day

Spinning Wheels – Richly filled, rolled sandwiches

Traditionally and of course from our own kitchen:
- Smoked salmon with cream cheese
- Smoked chicken fillet with mustard dressing and cucumber
- Carpaccio with arugula, Parmesan cheese and truffle dressing

Artisan scones
Traditional warm artisan scones with a variety of jams and real Devonshire clotted cream.

Handmade patisserie from famous Bakery George Vis
- Carrot Cake
- Chocolate Brownie
- Mocha Foam
- Chocolate Muffin

Vespa Tour and boat Cruise (Drinks and bites included)- Discover the city of Leiden

Discover the city of Leiden  on a lifestyle Vespa scooter. From Noordwijk you follow a route along the dunes through the bulb fields, to the old city center of Leiden. Here you park your Vespa in the center of Leiden at the town hall square , where you will be met by the captain of your private boat or characteristic tour boat.

Accompanied by an experienced captain and city expert, you will take a historic cruise through the canals and canals of Leiden. You will be sailed and the captain will tell you a few things about the old key city. A tasty snack and a drink can be offered on board.
After an impressive afternoon in Leiden, you will take a beautiful Vespa ride through the polder and along the authentic boulevard of Katwijk back to Noordwijk.
A day full of impressions and beautiful history awaits you.

Like all our other packages, this package can also be expanded as desired with a snack, drinks or a lunch.

Rate on request, request a quote via e-mail or contact us by telephone on 0031 (0)6 43 43 10 68.

Vespa flower region Game

With the wind in your hair, you will discover the beautiful bulb region. In an interactive Vespa game, you compete against one or more teams. Find different locations on the route, answer questions and get in touch with the locals, capture your creativity in fun photo assignments. If your team wins, your team will be rewarded with a real Vespa Game trophy and eternal fame.

In consultation with you, we create teams that make a beautiful tour along the dunes, over the boulevards and through the flowerbulb fields within the Vespa Game. The teams are challenged along the way with assignments and questions about the various locations. During the entire game you are together with your team and the Game Leader. It is an interactive game in which the participants get to know each other and the environment better in a fun and light-hearted way.

The Vespa teams are in contact with each other during the game via smartphones and must also upload images (photos) via this route. This results in a beautiful collage of cool and playful images of this fun day.

We can also make this Vespa game a little more personal for you. If you are celebrating an anniversary with your company or if you have certain themes within the company, we can do something with this in the questions and/or assignments.

Like all our other packages, this can also be expanded as desired with a snack, drink / drink or lunch.

Can be booked from 15 people

Rate on request, request a quote via e-mail or contact us by telephone on 0031 (0)6 43 43 10 68.

Vespa Tour & Beach Games (beach golf – power kiting)

Experience an active day on the beach, in combination with a stylish Vespa tour along the Dutch Riviera. With the wind in your hair and one of our Vespa tour map in hand, you will make a unique tour through our beautiful region. The tour is combined with an active experience Power kiting or Beach Golf.

You make a unique Vespa tour through the bulb region, along the Dutch Boulevards. Halfway through the tour you park the scooters along the Noordwijk beach. Here you will become acquainted with the power of the wind in a power kite clinic or hit a hole-in-one in an exciting game of beach golf. After your active beach experience, you continue your vespa tour along the Noordwijk dune area.
This package guarantees an active and unforgettable day on the Noordwijk coast in all its facets.

Rate on request, request a quote via e-mail or contact us by telephone on 0031 (0)6 43 43 10 68